BTW, I’m ace…

Eurovision 2011, 2nd semi-final: With the final version of “Ding Dong” I was nearly certain that Israel wasn’t going to win the semi-final; maybe with her name alone she would come in 9th or 10th. Obviously she didn’t, but Dana International’s not qualifying wasn’t going to stop me from enjoying her song (Or at least the original version where she won Kdam). Audio-wise, there’s nothing wrong about a person singing about her coming out story and sharing the moment of what it feels like to know your identity.

I’m over a week late for National Coming Out Day, but it turns out that there’s no problem: this week is Asexual Awareness Week. And yes, I’m asexual. No, I don’t like cake that much. I blame working in the bakery this summer. And even if I worked there, I’m definitely not an Ace of Cakes. That’s Duff Goldman.


From my last day at work in the bakery

It’s been a little less than a year since I started identifying as ace, but as of so far almost everyone I’ve told has taken it well. (Except for one guy. If you’re that one guy and you’re reading this, you’re an asshole. Also I’m not a plant.)

And for anyone else…



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  1. […] so it’s still asexual awareness week so I’m not putting my ace flag down yet. (Actually I just taped a flag to my laptop so it’s […]

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