You know you’ve been watching too much Eurovision when… (pt 3)

Click here for part 1 and here for part 2.

  1. When you’re at the LGBT support group/resource center and someone casually mentions HRT (hormone replacement therapy), but you’re confused for a few seconds because you don’t understand why the doctor would prescribe Hrvatska Radiotelevizija.
  2. When your vegetarian friend suggests adding TVP chili to a recipe, and you don’t understand that TVP means “textured vegetable protein” and not “Telewizja Polska”. It also doesn’t help that the friend is Polish.

    Yum, vegetarian protein source… (I think I’ll stick with regular tofu though)

  3. When someone describes something as OTT (over-the-top) and all you see is Ott (Lepland).

    Hi, I can see you all making fun of my name on the Internet…

  4. When you see the broadcasting stations MTV and PBS, you think they’re the Hungarian and Maltese national broadcasting stations, respectively.
  5. You can look at a recent political map of Europe and tell when it was published. Czechoslovakia still there? Pre-1994 Velvet Revolution. Presence of Serbia and Montenegro as separate countries? Post June 2006.

    And you’re annoyed that they used an out-of-date map for current events.

  6. You freak out on Europe political map quizzes that don’t contain the Caucasus states (Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia), even though they’re technically part of Asia.
  7. Your boss tells you to stop singing “Cake to Bake” at work because it’s a bad idea letting customers know that employees in the bakery don’t know how to bake.

    Yum. Burned cake!

  8. You tell your SO to ignore you on Valentine’s Day because it’s a national finals Super Saturday, and no one is allowed to stop you from watching.
  9. You are tempted to punch the computer screen when almost every person on YouTube ranking your favourite entry in the bottom 5 (Or in post 2004 rankings, anything outside of their top 24-27).
  10. You name your phone Stig after you miss the 6 AM wakeup alarm.
  11. When you get frustrated because the first search result on Google for “ESC” is “European Society of Cardiology.”
    Don’t believe me?
  12. You know how to say “Good evening Europe” in at least 5 languages, doesn’t matter if they’re Germanic, Romance, Slavic, etc.

2 comments on “You know you’ve been watching too much Eurovision when… (pt 3)

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  2. […] here for part 1,  here for part 2, here for part 3, and here for part […]

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