Whoops, wrong season…

For some reason YouTube started suggesting Christmas carols in late August/early September. It’s probably because I listen to “Silent Night” year-round, but oh well. Anyways, if YouTube can do this, then so can a little blogger who’s currently running out of ideas because there’s hardly any news coming up in the ESC world…

One of my math teachers in high school hated Valentines Day. People were going out of their minds to find their SO’s gifts, triple dipping them in chocolate fondue, and dropping the most obnoxious “I love you” references. As a result, every year he suggested that people break up with their SO’s a few days before the holiday and get back together the day after in order to avoid the chaos.

I don’t think anyone in class really followed that, but it would have been a great idea to get rid of people acting like Lena’s character in Satellite at the time. Going everywhere for [insert person here]? Completely changing their hairstyle? Openly speaking about buying new new blue underwear? Pretty much going helicopter lover because they can’t go a minute without [insert person here]? First off, isn’t this a little bit over the top? Second, it’s borderline stalking. I would probably get whatever’s the school’s equivalent to a restraining order if stuff like this went too far. Also, if you look at their perspective, chocolate is really expensive during the season. They’re losing time/money/sleep over someone who’s probably not going to reciprocate and might as well go on Instagram to find some celebrity to fan over.

As for my last 2 years of celebrating 14. February? This year was pretty good. After telling my SO that I’m lactose intolerant and was not a fan of celebrating the day or L just straight up embarrassing me with cheese a few days before, I turned off my phone and we ignored each other for 24 hours. And then it was back to lactose-free sarcasm.

The year before that I spent eating tangyuan (sticky rice dumplings) and watching 3 Idiots after breaking up with my beta-test SO. I didn’t like him anyways and was only dating him at the time to figure out how relationships worked. I wasn’t sure when we were going to break up, so I had twice the amount of needed ingredients sitting in my fridge. The good thing was it happened 2 days before, so I got double the tangyuan that I really had no plan on sharing anyways. My math teacher also approved.


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