This is my life, my friend

Gotta love whatever issue I’ve got inside my head for the past few months/years. On good days, all I have to deal with is the Ohrwurm Network and songs stuck in my head. On bad days, I won’t want to wake up, and every little mistake is a cause to fight my family. I’ll drive to uni with my favourite Mello entries on full blast with the windows open but still mutter, “I hate my life,” every 3 minutes. I’ll be glad that I’m complaining that I didn’t pack enough snacks because I finally have something to care about, because sometimes it’s too hard to care about anything besides the Twitter feed on my phone which hasn’t updated in the past 5 minutes. What I probably need is someone to talk to about how everything’s out of control. What I don’t need is my family treating me like Eurovision fans treat Anna Bergendahl.

The first thing people always seem to say when they bring up her name is, “Oh, she’s the only Swedish entry to not qualify for the final.” Maybe someone adds that Sweden usually has really high standards over a 6-week selection process. All they say is that Sweden’s a country with such a good reputation of qualifying, and the powerhouse of radio-friendly top 40 music sent her? Disappointing.

And it’s really infuriating that she’s only remembered for that. What about the song and how she’s fighting to keep her identity? How she doesn’t want to run or fight; she just wants to be herself without anyone telling her off. And she has to just be that because she can’t be anyone else.

I don’t want my family constantly telling me off for loving the contest or barefooting or any other interests. I don’t want them saying that my uni isn’t a real uni and all the professors just give out A’s like they’re nothing. I just want to be happy. And if that’s not possible, I just want to wake up, look forward to class, and come home knowing that I don’t have to fight with my family. Because it’s my life, my friends…



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