No borders…political or personal

I really liked Poland’s 2003 entry “Keine Grenzen/Żadnych Granic”- an un-ironic peace song (*cough* Russia *cough*) sung in German, Polish, and Russian about not being able to see political borders from space. If the audience didn’t really understand the performance, at least they remembered some guy with red hair singing in a raspy voice.

Fast forward 3 years and Ich Troje gets another chance to represent Poland again in 2006, this time in fancy masquerade outfits. I don’t think Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged was around back then, but Michał (the guy with red hair) decided it was a great time to screw the rules since he changed his hair color.

The staging also got awkward during their performance. It’s not that bad that he was working with his ex-wife (which a lot of artists probably do), but did he have to show her along with 180 million people around the world that his not-yet-wife-at-the-time was already 5 months pregnant in front of the camera? Yes, it’s possible to announce that in a less-awkward way. And I’m going to apologize to every single English teacher right now, but this is an example of inappropriate use of “show, don’t tell.”

At least they got points from both east and west (in the semi) this time. Russia didn’t bother back in 2003.


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