It’s already September?

It’s September already.

The new students at Hogwarts have already been in class for a week after being sorted into their houses.

Green Day is already asking the general public to wake them up after the 30th.

It’s already 8 days into the new Eurovision season. And hardly anything major has happened so far. That is, unless you count the 25 countries which have confirmed participation. We already know that ESC 2016 will be in Stockholm in the Ericsson Globe, Ukraine and Turkey will return, and that Christer Björkman will be the show producer again. That probably means the random draw is extremely unlikely to return next year…

Otherwise, classes at uni started again, so it’s time to switch dialects from “Eurovision fan” to “chemistry textbook”.

Unless SMTV suddenly announces that Valentina Monetta is returning (which she already said no to), I’ll assume there won’t be anything new until someone wins a national final.

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