30 Days of Eurovision Challenge- Day 29

Prompt: Your favourite non-Eurovision song by a Eurovision artist

I spent about half an hour trying to come up with a list my top 10 non-ESC songs (read: I copied every non-NF, non-ESC song by an ESC artist off my phone and tried to reduce the list down to 10 songs) since I couldn’t pick a favourite. I liked “Kingdom in the Sky” since it got me smiling on really bad days, “Yellow House” since I found a personal connection, “Day of Glory” since it’s a great song to skip down the sidewalk to, and so many other songs for other reasons.

And then there was this.

I’m not a big fan of his 2010 Eurovision entry (read: it’s in the grey zone of being too serious to be a joke but too joke-y to be serious, and thanks ex-Soviet nations for giving him points simply because he represented Russia that year), but I love “Gitar.”The song’s so bad that it’s craptastically hilarious. I’m just going to guess that Peter Nalitch made this video with his friends as a joke back in 2007. Jumping around outside and bouncing around the driver’s seat while images from Microsoft Paint move on the screen? He also made sure the lyrics made as much sense as any Eurovision song whose lyrics are co-written by Google Translate. Throw on a thick Russian accent and then everyone (including Peter himself) can make fun of the song. Try not to sing along after watching 30 seconds…gitar, gitar, gitar, gitar, jump on my yaguar, baby you have a possibility play with me…



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