30 Days of Eurovision Challenge- Day 28

Prompt: Your Favourite entry for choreography

I was learning the Cara Mia dance when I almost answered this prompt when I realized that the song was from Mello and not from Eurovision. Aesj. Whoops. At least I’ve got the dance down cold; now it’s time to not get caught at work dancing in front of the time clock.

Well I’m leaving the bakery soon so that won’t be a problem anymore…

Anyways, my favourite entry for choreography (today) is 2300 km away from Stockholm by car if you trust Google Maps (it’s 1860 km as the crow flies) and one year ahead of Cara Mia: Ukraine’s 2008 performance in Beogradska Arena.

It’s still classic 2000’s dance routine, but she doesn’t overdo the choreography like in half of Mello. I used to mime the first part of the performance where she leaned on the box and pointed at lit up sections. I don’t do that as much anymore, but every time I listen to the song I still remember to nod when there’s a beep.

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