Why didn’t you wake me up

I’m really bad at waking up, especially when it’s still dark outside. I’ll go to bed late because I was on the Internet for too long, wake up late, find out that the bathroom’s already occupied, wait 10 minutes for the shower to clear, finally head downstairs, and find multiple pairs of eyes glaring at me for being over an hour late. That means it’s time to set an alarm, right?

I set my alarm to 6 AM and change up the alarm tones for different days of the week: Cara Mia, Circle of Life, Lev Livet, etc, and I get off the Internet a little bit earlier. The phone’s somewhere in the bathroom, far away from my bed. Unfortunately, it doesn’t go off the next day and it’s the same story all over again. What happened? I accidentally hit an extra button and disabled all my alarms when trying to switch my phone to silent/airplane mode. Whoops…

Screw this, I’m naming my phone Stig.

I’ll skip the pizza though since I’m lactose intolerant. Photo cred- Stig Rästa’s FB


One comment on “Why didn’t you wake me up

  1. […] You name your phone Stig after you miss the 6 AM wakeup alarm. […]

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