Random Tumblr Quiz

Yay for writer’s block. For now, here’s a random quiz/survey that I shamelessly stole off of Tumblr…

  1. When was the last time you went to a concert? What was it?

Unless you count performances in the Jazz Festival in Montreal this summer, the last I went to was Goran Bregović’s concert in 2011. It kind of sucks that my family’s not big on going to concerts and most of my favourite artists don’t live in the USA/North America.

  1. Is there any kind of music you can’t stand?

Not really. I’m not a death metal fan though, and I don’t like it when the car in the next lane starts blasting death metal with extra bass.

  1. What instrument do you play?

Saxophone in middle school (I’ve got Epic Sax Guy’s solo down cold), a little tin whistle, and hand-flute.

  1. How many CDs do you own? What artists?

I’m actually not sure, since most of the CDs belong to my parents. Most of mine are burned playlist mixes for blasting in the car, though I think I’ve got an Enya CD in my backpack.

  1. Name 3 artists/bands you would like to meet

Why does this have to be so hard to answer? There are too many people that I want to meet, tell them they’re awesome, and give them a hug.

  1. What does your family think about the music you listen to?

They’re not fans of it and have openly said that it sucks, multiple times. It’s either that or whatever I listen to sounds like the same song played over and over.

  1. Do you still buy CD’s? Last CD you bought?

Not really. I did get the Enya CD at the used bookstore at the local library since I wanted it for a few years though.

  1. Do you pay more attention to the tune or lyrics?

I’ll pay attention to the tune first on first listen, but later listens I’ll listen to the lyrics (especially in meltdown/depression/whatever it is mode)

  1. Is there any artist you liked in the past that you don’t anymore?

Does facepalming myself multiple times for ranking Ell & Nikki 8th in 2011 count? (It’s not a bad song, but I don’t even know why it was even in my top 10…)

  1. Can you concentrate on other things when listening to music?

…I plead the 5th

  1. Name your top 5 favourite music videos

I’m going to guess “most watched” YouTube videos recently?

  • “Hello Goodbye”- Erik Segerstedt and Mattias Andreasson (the AC rehearsal when Tone was out)
  • “I See Fire”- Peter Hollens
  • “Guitar”- Peter Nalitch (This is so bad it’s hilarious.)
  • “One by One”- Elize Ryd & Rickard Söderberg (Mello 2015 performance)
  • “Rhythm Inside”- Loic Nottet (Eurovision performance)
  1. Put your phone on shuffle and list the first 10 songs that come up
  • Theme from “My Neighbor Totoro”
  • “Europe’s Skies”- Alexander Rybak
  • “The Wild Song”- Anuna
  • “Ordinary Man”- George Donaldson (RIP)
  • “All Izz Well” from 3 Idiots
  • “High”- Knut Anders Sørum
  • “Glorious”- Cascada (The original version, not the ESC edit)
  • “The Foxhunter”- Celtic Woman
  • “Leave Me Alone”- Alexander Rybak
  • “Success”- Samir & Viktor
  1. Do you sing in the shower?

Yes (Unless shampoo got in my mouth; in that case the answer would be no).

  1. How much time do you spend listening to music?

Depends on how much time I get to plug in headphones. It usually means around 2 hours (when I’m in bed or travelling)

  1. What musical instrument do you want to learn, and why?

Accordion, bagpipes, guitar, hurdy gurdy…could I just say that they’re cool instruments and I love making a lot of noise.

  1. If you were a song, what kind of song would you be?

Either an Irish reel or a Swedish schlager. They seem to be the two types of songs that my heart beats along with in the gym.

  1. What would the world be like without music?

It would suck. A lot. I’d rather be blind than deaf if forced to choose between the two.


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