Let’s take a groupie

As a person who doesn’t know any Swedish outside the occasional IKEA brand name and a few words from Mello, I was happy to semi-understand part of the lyrics of “Groupie.” Though by semi-understanding, it also meant I was way off for a few things.

For the first few months after Melodifestivalen ended, I misheard Samir and Viktor’s refrain as “Immer mach’ ich Selfies, denn ich bin eine Groupie” (I always take selfies because I’m a groupie). FYI, it’s supposed to be “Inga mera selfies, för vi ska ta en Groupie” (No more selfies, for we’re going to take a groupie). First off, I picked it up in the wrong language. And second, “groupie” was supposed to mean “group selfie” instead of “super fan.” Whoops.

After reading the scrolling lyrics a few times, I managed to pick up the two lines “12345, han och hon och hen,”: “12345, he and she and [singular they].” Though I knew what it meant, it didn’t register until much later that the line wouldn’t have worked in English. Thanks, language purists who keep thinking “they” is only grammatically correct when used in the plural sense. Because if a person uses singular they for pronouns, what you do is refer to the person as “they” and not harp on them for incorrect grammar. Seriously. And they don’t want to be left out of the groupie just because their pronouns don’t fit the binary.


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