Don’t shove your relationship down my throat

Mi havas koramikon. Ich habe einen Freund. I’m in a relationship. But that doesn’t mean I’m going to shove the fact down someone’s throat like the Netherlands tried in 2010:

This is the kind of song that, if it didn’t have a Eurovision filter and if electronics weren’t so [multiple expletives deleted] expensive, I would throw my phone across the room and hope it would burst into flames for being so obnoxiously Ohrwurm-y. It’s pretty much the sound equivalent of hoping that I get the elevator to myself for the next 20 floors, when a couple walks in, starts some over-the-top PDA, and doesn’t stop until after I leave the elevator one floor later and decide to take the stairs instead.

I’m so happy this didn’t qualify.

And FYI, I’m typing this with the sound off, because whenever I see the song title it just starts playing in my head. And it’s not going to go away until I play something else.


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