Sing low…until he sings too high

I read somewhere that when Loïc Nottet answers the phone, people think he is his mom due to his high voice. I completely feel for him, since every time I answer the phone, people think I am either my dad or brother. (FYI I’m female).

So this female blogger’s got a low voice that sounds like a guy on the phone? Can I switch with her for a day so no one thinks I’m my mom anymore?

It might be annoying to have to crank up my voice up an octave at work, but when off the job it’s great to be able to sing along with male artists on my phone. That is, until I end up singing along to a song that requires really high throat voice. It’ll end up somewhere on the border of regular speaking voice and work (head) voice, where I have to pinch my speaking voice and risk a massive headache/rehearsing for Day of Silence tomorrow to hit the high note. Of course, I could just take it easy and switch to work voice, but since I like to sing like I’ll be on Your Face Sounds Familiar next week, I keep trying to sound like a guy.

And then comes an awful crack. The artist will make the jump easily in studio, but I won’t. Thanks a lot, Waylon…

Maybe it’s time to sing with a female vocalist instead…as long as there’s no crud in my throat, and I’ve recovered from the sound jump. It’s either that or find a guy with a more reasonable vocal range to sing along to.

But wait, that note’s out of my range again…

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