Scones and (Creepy) Swedes

I’m not a fan of Eric Saade (read: “Creepy Swedish Guy”) and his Mello entries. IMO the songs have an okay/decent instrumental with overly-repetitive lyrics, which means the only good time to hear them is at work when I don’t want to pay attention to my manager or obnoxious customers. Or maybe when someone wants to analyze how he managed to pull a Carola (3rd, 1st, 5th). His non-Mello entries aren’t that different. They’re still radio-friendly entries to keep people from falling asleep on the bus. I wouldn’t download his albums, but I do listen to his song “Hotter than Fire” at work to deal with stupid scones that belong in southern Sweden (Yes this was a lame Skåne/Scone pronunciation joke).

I probably listen to it at work due to the lame coincidence that a) I wear a red shirt at work that’s long enough to be a dress and b) the lyrics mention a red dress. The shirt’s covered by an apron caked with frosting because I work in a bakery and have to frost (or as they say at work, “massage”) scones. After putting them into boxes of 8, I take my gloves off and close the boxes with bare hands, because it would be a disaster if a customer got frosting on their hands if they picked up a box of scones. But even though there are only a total of 192 scones in the kitchen, there’s always a customer who can’t find the muffins even though they are standing a meter in front of them and another who complains that the cakes suck. Eventually there’s 2.5 hours left to closing and it takes 3 hours to clean. I might as well find a song that picks up my mopping speed so I can get out in time.

If I can get out of the bakery, I’ll be really happy. No more scones!


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