30 Days of Eurovision Challenge- Day 26


Prompt: A song which you prefer studio over live

When I took physics class over the summer, the sound the projector made when the professor turned it on reminded me of the first note of Germany’s 2013 entry, “Glorious” by Cascada (yes of “Everytime we touch” fame). It reminded me of how much I loved blasting it in the shower and how much the song got reduced to bottom 5 after three consecutive top 10 placings.

Though the song did appear in a lot of YouTubers’ top 10 of XX ESC songs of 2013 when it won Unser Song für Malmö,“Glorious” was too long for the 3-minute performance limit, and they had to get rid of 30 seconds in order for SVT to not yank them offstage once time was up. Since there wasn’t a very good place to obviously cut anything, the German delegation decided to simply hack off pieces here and there and hope that no one would notice.

It didn’t work. Add on some slightly off-key backing vocalists, and the result was 18 points and 21st place.

Simply reminding me of the song didn’t help though. I still fell asleep in class.

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