30 Days of Eurovision Challenge- Day 24


Prompt: Your favourite national final entry

Picking a favourite NF entry is as hard as picking a Eurovision entry. But since I’m still on my Mello fix, it’s probably going to come from Sweden. As of right now (at least for the 20 minutes that I’m writing this post), it’s “Jalla Dansa Sawa” by Behrang Miri from 2013, a.k.a. the entry with all the selfies.

I didn’t watch Melodifestivalen back in 2013, but now that I can watch reruns, “Jalla Dansa Sawa” should have beat Anton Ewald’s “Begging” in Andra Chansen. (Then again, Loreen’s 18x douze pointe win the year before meant a bunch of non-Mello fans voted in 2013, so thanks random Swedish voters). While “Begging” was a typical Melodifestivalen song that upheld the “32 schlagers or One Direction rejects, 90% of which are written by G:Son/Kempe/Ljunggren/Böstrom,” Behrang Miri’s rapping about immigration policy was something different. The translated lyrics were coherent and not just about the 4856th breaking up/falling in LAFS on the radio. And even if I didn’t want to pay close attention to the lyrics, I could relax and jam to the beat in the car.

As of so far, I’ve managed to learn how to stumble through the first verse. Now all I have to do is convince someone that rapping about Swedish immigration policy is beneficial to [insert company here].

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