Quit Your Star Hunting

So this is how I’ve been feeling for the past few weeks: Tired, stressed, didn’t want to do anything…

maans tired

Source: Mans Zelmerlow’s Facebook page

Yesterday I was asked to write a complaint letter over something that I had absolutely nothing to do with, and it was extremely draining. After working on the paper for hours and churning out half a page of “professional-sounding non-rant”, the person who asked for the letter complained that it needed more rage. And then it needed less rage. And then it needed to have more details. And then it needed to sound like I didn’t write it. And it needed…and it needed…and it needed… etc. Had this letter been a cake order at work it would have needed over $200 of short-notice asshole fees. And then it was still rejected to the point that I was told the next morning that I didn’t know how to write. To top things off, I had just walked off an exam that I couldn’t finish and still wasn’t over my boss calling me in early to work a few days ago.  Long story short, I felt like the character in Sebalter’s “Hunter of Stars,” judged for everything. (Except in real life I’m not a lawyer or musician anything successful)

It’s really frustrating trying to do anything and having someone immediately shoot me down for doing everything wrong, like how it’s apparently wrong to listen to music while studying, walking barefoot everywhere, or even thinking about X when I’m supposed to do Y. I just want to do something that my family will finally say yes to, but I don’t know what it will be. It’s also great that my headphones broke and I’m off Mountain Dew, so there goes my therapist too…

Let’s hope the next post’s going to be a lot happier…


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