Those words will live forever

If you think you’re going to forget something, write it down. Even if you don’t bring your shopping list, you’re more likely to remember what to buy if you wrote it down. It’s easier to write a list (or story) and refer to it than keep it in your memory. Even Shakespeare agrees: Someone’s going to live forever if their story gets written down. That’s probably a good idea for Knez if he doesn’t want to forget someone who just died.

On the flip side, immortal words can be a bit of a problem, especially when someone decides to post something stupid on social media. It’s also annoying when it’s a memory that you want to forget, e.g. that annoying ex that you don’t want to see.

I’m going to assume that “Live forever” is supposed to be a love song, where Magnus’s character claims he will always live forever in others’ hearts. However, let’s say his character was in a relationship which ended badly. Despite the ex’s possibly wanting to never see the character again and deleting x amount of pictures/messages/etc, the ex would have to deal with a bunch of memories that won’t leave just because they were in a relationship with an artist. It would also be a major pain that “Live Forever” reached #3 in Swedish charts, was certified gold, and was also playing on radios in Thailand. While Magnus’s character is probably laughing about how he’s now living in the stars, the ex is probably bogged down with obnoxious memory triggers. They will have to wait to take one step at a time to finally say that they’ll be fine. Especially after hearing that the song didn’t qualify for the finals.


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