30 Days of Eurovision Challenge- Day 23

Prompt: An artist you would like to see at Eurovision

I don’t listen to much stuff outside the Eurovision world. Can I just plead the Fifth?

There was a rumor a few years ago that Damian McGinty (best known as a member of Celtic Thunder) was going to represent Ireland. From an ESC fan’s perspective that sounds like a good idea: He’s already worked with Phil Coulter (UK 1967, UK 1968, and Luxembourg 1975) for over 6 years in Celtic Thunder, is rather well-known in North America but still pretty much unknown outside of Ireland and Northern Ireland, and he has a pretty good voice. I was interested, but I wasn’t buying the rumor since he was still too involved in the Glee world at the time. It also didn’t help that RTÉ’s selection process for the Late Late Show Eurosong is as clear as the BBC’s internal selection process.

Now the only thing to do is hope that RTÉ ever decides to invite him internally or for a national selection (which hopefully will change now that Mr. Eurovision Johnny Logan has complained for years).


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