Angry Birds

I don’t like the Dutch 2015 entry. I didn’t like it when the song came out, I didn’t like her Eurovision performance, and I still don’t like the song. By coincidence, I also recently got attacked by a bird while biking to the local grocery store. I’m not sure if it’s due to shiny headphones or just trespassing through the bird’s territory. Or if the bird was an Angry Bird, that I somehow looked like someone who stole eggs.

Marjetka says it’s not the headphones

It’s extremely unlikely, but maybe the bird was upset that Trijntje Oosterhuis has a great chance of getting a Barbara Dex Award. If it’s because of that, I’ll say I can’t see from the perspective of the bird. I can understand the original “fractured” dress’s symbolism for a heart being torn out and the backing singer’s outfit saying “YES NO” for confusion of whether the relationship exists. On the other hand, her parachute outfit didn’t make any sense in context to her performance in the semifinal. And that’s my biggest reason for voting her in Barbara Dex.

trijntje eurovision

I’m still confused about her SF outfit. Is it supposed to go with her ESC postcard?

It’s also extremely unlikely (the phrase is not exclusively for Delta safety videos) that the bird was upset about lack of representation from the Netherlands:  2012 had Joan Franka who wore feathers in her performance, 2013 had Anouk singing about birds falling out of the sky, and 2014 had the Common Linnets. After 3 years of avian representation, the Netherlands chose a (bird-free) song that Trijntje chose by looking through Anouk’s laptop instead. As there doesn’t seem to be an avian OGAE/ESC fanclub to complain through, the bird simply took out its anger on the nearest Eurovision fan around: the innocent person who was just biking to the grocery store.

At least it wasn’t as bad as this.


(Then again, it was Meijer…another Dutch connection…but I’m not even Dutch.)


2 comments on “Angry Birds

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