30 Days of Eurovision Challenge- Day 22

Prompt: Favourite Host Entry

I could probably write about the host entries in 2008 (Balkan ballad love), 2010 (calming down), and 2012 (first song I learned on horizontal flute), but I’ll choose Russia’s 2009 entry this time.

I’ve been a second alto since middle school choir days and it used to bother the crap out of me. Back in choir the altos never got to sing the melody, it was always our fault for screwing over the sopranos when they missed our cue, and the “low” parts weren’t even that low. I preferred singing along to male artists when listening to music, since every time I pulled out a Celtic Woman CD I had to sing an octave lower to hit the high notes comfortably. (I can hit them, but they’re kind of strained and there’s not much power).

Due to this, I was excited to learn on Wikipedia that Anastasia Prikhodko was a contralto: Maybe I could sing along to her songs without having to tone everything an octave down. And it felt comfortable singing along once I learned to mumble the lyrics with; when she switched registers I switched too. Lyric-wise it also felt nice to complain the love was messed up (*cough* guy in German class *cough*) and not like water. They probably also justified the creepy floating faces, but I’m not sure about that…

I’ve been creeped out by her ESC performance and haven’t made it through more than once, but I do love her music video.



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