30 Days of Eurovision Challenge- Day 18

30 Days of Eurovision Challenge- Day 18

Prompt: Your favourite year for theme art

I probably took less than 2 seconds to decide that my favourite theme art year is 2009.While I do love 2008’s Danube-Sava Confluence of Sound and 2012’s fire/sun/whatever it was, it’s really hard to top the fire bird from Moscow. Channel 1 didn’t even need a slogan to awkwardly fill space in the postcards; all they needed was the bird to zip across people’s television screens and suddenly have “Moskva 2009” appear in filled-in meme font. Not to mention the bird looked really cool in general.

Every time I got a new math textbook in high school I would tape this onto the cover so everyone would know it was mine.


I also really liked the paper cutout style in the postcards (that it was the closest to a literal postcard since they started in the 70’s). While the recent postcards of contestants have been great, I liked that it was something different compared to the different years.

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