Gender PSA

It’s already a bad idea trying to read YouTube comment wars, especially when the wars are obviously started by some troll who wanted to see drama. It’s also really annoying going through the comments on Dana International or Conchita Wurst, and finding that over half the comments are about their genders and not about the music. So let’s go back to the basics:

Lithuania was represented this year by Monika Linkytė and Vaidas Baumila. As far as the media’s concerned, there aren’t any issues with how the two should be referred. The person on the left is female and can be referred to as she/her/hers, while the person on the right is male and can be referred to as he/him/his. Now let’s move on to the next photo.

Dana International, the person on the left, represented Israel in 1998. She identifies as female and is referred to as she/her/hers. It doesn’t matter that she is transgender (despite this taking up 80% of the media); she is female.

Conchita Wurst, the person on the right, is the drag character of Tom Neuwirth. When the person is in character (e.g. in the photo above) as Conchita, people refer to the character as she/her/hers. When the person is out of character, people use he/him/his to refer to Tom.

Just as a PSA to everyone, if you don’t know how to refer to people, just ask. Because they know themselves better than other people or the media ever will.



One comment on “Gender PSA

  1. bong0422 says:

    Reblogged this on Gender, Race, and Sexuality in the Media and commented:
    In this blog post, it talks about the gender problem. How should the people refer someone as he/ she. Some people have a comment wars on YouTube and arguing about Dana International and Conchita Wurst’s gender. Moreover, it talks about the people and media just refer them by their appearance and the role they were playing. The main point of the blog post is don’t refer people if you are not sure how to refer them. Just ask them for what they want to be referred. Because their gender statuses are not supposed to be given by others, and it should be given by themselves. Our gender statuses also are not judged by the outlook, appearance, or behavior.

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