30 Days of Eurovision Challenge- Day 17

Prompt: Song(s) you would use to introduce others to Eurovision

I’m not very good with choosing just one song to introduce people to ESC; this year I just decided to copy all the links onto Excel with some basic information (country, artist, song title, language) and shove all 40 songs down people’s throats. It’s either that or I just refer them to Tumblr. But when they have more than 3 minutes to talk, then I pull out my phone and ask them if they want to see the good music or the “weird” entries.

In “normal” cases I introduce people with Loreen’s “Euphoria” since it’s probably the most mainstream/radio-friendly/non-ESC-fan friendly entry.

And now that Måns Zelmerlöw has won ESC this year, I’m probably going to use “Heroes” in the same way. I’m guessing my manager at work already knows the song; I’ve been singing the song ever since I started work a few weeks after Melodifestivalen ended….

If it’s a person that I know fairly well, then I don’t ask them and just pull out the weird entries. 90% of the time it’s probably “Dancing Lasha Tumbai” or “Party for Everybody” because I love watching their reactions.

I would probably introduce people with Moldova’s 2010 entry “Run Away,” but my phone ringtone is already of Epic Sax Guy’s solo. (Click here to get saxrolled.)

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