30 Days of Eurovision Challenge- Day 16

30 Days of Eurovision Challenge- Day 16

Prompt: The first ESC song that you listened to

If the prompt meant the first ESC song that I listened to in general, it would be either Waterloo (Sweden 1974) or The Voice (Ireland 1996).

My mom used to keep an ABBA Gold Hits CD in the car, and I would play that because I liked it better than the other classical music CD’s. However, “Waterloo” was the track 19 in the CD and we barely hit track 14 before someone took the disk out. When I did hear it for the first time, I wasn’t very impressed either; I preferred “Dancing Queen” and “Super Trouper” in the first half of the disk. Years later the CD is still in the car, and I still don’t listen to “Waterloo” very much. I just listen to it every few months in case a) someone asks a trivia question about where Napoleon surrendered or b) if I ever get to go to a Eurovision party and have to sing the song.

Shortly after I found out about YouTube (which totally beat playing games on Neopets) I started listening to Celtic Woman. Their music was a lot calmer than whatever the bus played on the radio, and it really helped me to calm down after having a bad day. One of their hit songs was a cover of Eimear Quinn’s “The Voice.” I was kind of confused at first when searching for the song on Wikipedia, because I thought it was one of their original songs when it wasn’t. Out of the two versions, I still prefer Lisa Kelly’s CW version over Eimear Quinn because it sounds a little more full, but without the 1996 version there would have been no CW version in 2007.

If the prompt meant the first ESC song I listened to in context of Eurovision, then the answer’s pretty simple: Alexander Rybak’s “Fairytale.” Let’s thank Scandinavia and the World for introducing me to the contest…

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