American ESC Fan problems

As much as I would like to watch the Eurovision final on Saturday, living in a different time zone (GMT-5) makes it extremely difficult because of something called work. Instead of getting to sit down in front of my computer and streaming the contest off YouTube or SVT Play, I have to stand in a bakery until 17:00 local time (23:00 CET), and by then most of the contest will be over. But living in a different time zone isn’t the only issue:

  • Before the actual contest, there’s a chance that you can’t listen to the song on YouTube because the song’s “not available in your country/region.” Don’t even try Spotify, since the Eurovision Spotify playlist doesn’t work in the US.

  • It’s not just the time zone; it’s also the time of the month/year. When I discovered Eurovision in high school I realized that ESC took place during AP testing season (for college credit). And now that I’m in uni, I’m dealing with summer classes. And work, obviously.

  • When delegations advertise “Win a free ticket to Eurovision,” it’s only for residents in Europe/the EBU. Or it’s written in a language that I and/or Google Translate can’t read.

Must be 18 or older and must be residing in Europe when the winners are selected…


But I’m not going to complain since I already got to watch the 1st and 2nd semis this year with sound, and that’s already a great improvement to dealing with shite internet stream and family members who don’t approve of my interests. I’m probably going to keep 27 flags in my back pocket and talk about the contest with my coworkers who don’t know anything besides hearing me constantly sing “Heroes” for the past 2 months. It’s also nice that the US was pretty well represented this year:

Charlie Mason- Lyricist for Serbian and Slovenian entries

Tamar Kaprelian- Representing the Americas in Genealogy, Armenia’s entry this year

MERJ (which included former members of Blackstreet)- Performed with Daniel Kajmakoski in this year’s Macedonian entry

I guess the USA can build bridges with the Eurovision world. I’m just not invited because unlike with Uzari and Maimuna, time is not on my side. when it comes to watching the final. 🙂 Now ESC World, make some noise so people outside of the world can hear you too!


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