Thoughts on Semi-Final 2

I got to watch all 17 performances without any interruptions today! (That is, if you don’t count the constant video lag and re-buffering from SVT Play mobile app), and overall it was a really good show. The three hosts Alice, Mirjam, and Arabella seemed less awkward than in the first semi, and Conchita was a great green room host like on Tuesday.

Predicted qualifiers (in participation order):
Lithuania, Montenegro, Norway, Czech Republic, Israel, Latvia, Azerbaijan, Iceland, Sweden, Slovenia

Actual results (in participation order):
Lithuania, Montenegro, Norway, Israel, Latvia, Azerbaijan, Sweden, Cyprus, Slovenia, Poland

After hearing the results, I get why Czech Republic and Iceland didn’t qualify: After seeing pictures of Marta taking off her heels and throwing them on the stage, I thought it was going to happen during the climax key change. Instead she took them off before. Instead of looking like “Eugh, I hate these shoes and I’m getting rid of them and changing everything” like I imagined, she looked more like, “Meh, I don’t feel that comfortable in these heels. Let’s just take them off right now. Oh well, I can pick them up later.” Hopefully they scored higher than their previous entries (in both points and rankings), otherwise Czech Republic’s not coming back if they came last with 5 points.

“But you said the director told you it was okay to chuck my shoes off!” “Not so it would look like you did it for no apparent reason!”


Later when I listened to Iceland, I was wondering whether the sound was off due to Maria’s performance or due to SVT Play having issues. Before I wondered whether Frozen fans would give their points to Russia or Iceland. Now they have no choice but to vote for Russia (and probably wave a few more rainbow flags as well). The background and golden footprints were pretty nice, but she did look a little awkward with nothing else but a golden pool of water on the floor.  I guess Iceland and Denmark are probably going to select something less formulaic next year.

Maria’s annoyed that the Israeli delegation left a bunch of gold paint on the floor and it’s staining everything.


There’s probably going to be major partying in the Baltics this week (especially in Latvia), since for the first time since 2002 all three Baltic countries qualified for the final, and Latvia finally broke its 6-year streak of not qualifying.

Aminata thanks the Eurovision gods for allowing Latvia into the final


My favourite random moment in the semi was during San Marino’s performance, when everyone yelled “No” (the first lyric of the song). And obviously Michele ended up singing a “chain of farts.” Fortunately (or unfortunately) there was no pyro involved in their performance, and it was extremely safe for the two who only recently turned old enough to drink.

“Don’t worry! We’ll come back next year (and possibly the year after) with a better song…”

I can’t wait for the final on Saturday. At the same time, I’ve got work until all the performances are over. Thankfully I’ll be able to watch most of the voting… So bring on the final Vienna!


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