2015 Review: Australia

It might have taken a while (read: less than one week), but I finally got over the shock of Australia participating after Jon Ola Sand’s announcement. In their growing excitement, SBS chose Guy Sebastian to represent Australia. He originally planned on entering a ballad to the competition, but eventually chose to write a new upbeat entry.  72 hours later he churned out a finished song, “Tonight Again,” complete with a music video. (I think that’s a new record: Aram MP3 may have written “Not Alone” in 12 minutes, but it took a while for everything else to appear on the Internet.)

As long as the Eurovision filter’s on, I’ll be really happy listening to the song. Volunteer camp didn’t really help by spamming people with Bruno Mars, and every time I hear something similar I try to tune it out (including Denmark’s entry last year). Otherwise, he seems really enthusiastic about it, considering that the song was written specifically about ESC and wanting to repeat the feelings and emotions.

We don’t know who Australia’s going to vote for yet, but it looks like at least a few Swedes are hoping Guy votes for Heroes…

Glad to see Australia’s @guysebastian supports the swedes. 🙂 #h&m #escSE #esc (Credit:  Måns Zelmerlöw FB)

And now all the reviews are done! Time to sit back, celebrate Eurovision Week, and watch the performances! (And freak out when your favourites don’t qualify).


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