2015 Review: Czech Republic

2007: Last place in the semi
2008: Second last in the semi with 9 times the points as the year before. This is a major improvement!
2009: Last place again in the semi again, with nil pointe.

Ehmmm…give me a moment for our broadcaster to find a decent entry…


Everyone thought the Czech Republic was completely done for after three years of bottom 2 in the semifinals and being known for their 2009 WTF-worthy entry, until they decided to come back this year with Marta Jandová and Václav Noid Bárta singing “Hope Never Dies.”

I was simply going to write the song and music video off as “too depressing” due to the tone of the song, the dark video, and that I couldn’t listen to the song if I just got out of a meltdown 5 minutes ago. A few (read: 15+) listens later I the song was presenting this kind of Balkan ballad/fado/not a Swedish ballad feeling that can’t be described in only one word. It’s kind of like a relationship has opened Pandora’s Box and the two partners can’t decide to end the relationship or keep going until the end of the song.

Also, is it just me, or are those heels really uncomfortable? People on Twitter keep mentioning that Marta throws of her heels during rehearsals. I would probably keep them on or keep them off for the full 3 minutes and then take them off, but maybe it’s a part of their act.

Who’s that guy in the audience that keeps saying we’re going to get last in the ******* semi again?! Photo credit: schlagerblog.blogspot.com



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