2015 Review: Romania and Spain

Since it’s already this late into ESC season (as in: the first semi-final starts in 3 days), it’s probably time to stick two countries into one review. In this case, both are singing in their native languages, and the languages are related to each other.

RTVE announced what feels like years ago that Edurne would represent Spain with the song “Amanecer”, and then they presented a bunch of (read: most likely 2) 5-second hype-my-presentation snippets that showed practically nothing. Eventually they presented the song in March, revealing a song that seems extremely appropriate for National Geographic animal films or dramatic chase scenes.

Since I don’t understand Spanish except for a few song titles, I’m going to say it’s pretty good for at least the first 5 listens in studio. As long as she can hit the high notes after the “i-eh-i-eh” in the refrain, it should work out pretty well. Also, since ESC is a live performance and CGI is only allowed on the visuals wall or at most, holograms, Edurne won’t be able to do any magic costume changes or turn into a tiger.

TVR went the national selection route and selected Voltaj (NOT pronounced “vol-tai”) and their ode for parents to return home to their kids, “De la capăt”. Like the Armenian entry, it’s specifically directed at the diaspora, though there’s a lot less promotion involved.

I liked the full Romanian version over the English or bilingual version, since I can’t tell what language they’re singing in until half the refrain is over and they go “you will be the reason.” And though I do find the song somewhat calming, I’m really indifferent to the song, and there’s a chance that Romania might be Berghendalized (country fails to qualify from the semifinals for the first time).

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