Semi-Final Predictions

It’s that time of the season again. And even though I haven’t finished my reviews (which I probably should…but class…and other social media…) I’m making my list of semi-final predictions.

*Disclaimer: The following predictions are made by someone who :
a) is from the USA and might have different tastes compared to the televoters
b) has seen a few photos from the rehearsals but has not watched any except for Finland’s (which was pretty much identical to the UMK performance)
c) might not be able to watch the contest because of work conflict.

SF 1: (in order of participation)
Moldova, Armenia, Belgium, Finland, Greece, Estonia, Belarus, Russia, Albania, Georgia

Though Macedonia’s not on the list, I would really love it if Macedonia qualified over Moldova, Greece, or Russia (accidentally conditioned with nausea, an indifferent breathy ballad, and a toothpaste infomercial, respectively). Then I could say that the USA is involved due to Daniel’s backing singers.


Lithuania, Montenegro, Norway, Czech Republic, Israel, Latvia, Azerbaijan, Iceland, Sweden, Slovenia

I don’t have any major favourites in this semi, only a least favourite (San Marino, and maybe Poland due to indifference). As a result I don’t really care that much about who qualifies because I like almost all of them, and no matter the results I’ll be blasting the songs on my phone after ESC is over.

Now it’s time to make flags to post at work tomorrow, since right now all I have is a Lithuanian flag bracelet….






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