2015 Review: Latvia

LTV’s probably been really frustrated over Latvia not qualifying for the past 6 years in a row and turning their country into the laughingstock of the Baltics. Singing about traffic jams or asking Mr. God doesn’t work, and neither do sending cake-related songs or satirical entries about winning the contest. As a result they scrapped the Eiro/Dziesma national selection vehicle and moved to Supernova, where they selected Aminata and “Love Injected.”

Out of all 3 Baltic entries, this one is probably the least accessible and the most experimental. IMO it’s hard to listen to because I have to be in the right mood to listen to the song, and I probably wouldn’t put it in my everyday shower/driving/workout playlist. At the same time, if I am in the right mood, the refrain becomes extremely powerful: after getting used to the quiet lyrics and the marimbas in the background, my mind suddenly goes WTF as the refrain changes everything onto full blast when Aminata goes, “Your love revives my soul, and I know you’ll choose it over all.”

That part also happens to be the only part of the song where I remember the lyrics, so LTV better use that soundbite for the vote-for-me clips….

And even if Latvia gets last place, they would have still made the final and that’s already something worth celebrating. But if they don’t qualify, just remember that they still have the beaver.



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