2015 Review: Belgium

If Walloon broadcaster RTBF managed to get Belgium to the final with a former The Voice participant in 2013, then it wouldn’t hurt trying the same technique again after VRT’s crash with the Axel’s ode to his mother. This year they’re sending Loic Nottet, who came second in the Voice Belgique, who prior to saying yes to ESC had no idea that ABBA won Eurovision.

Maybe this is a good thing in disguise. Since he’s probably not a major ESC fan, he probably has the preconception of what a stereotypical ESC song sounds like, and as a result he didn’t want his song to sound like that. Instead, his entry “Rhythm Inside” (as countless people- I think it’s in the zillions already- have mentioned) the song sounds like something similar to what Lorde would sing.It’s pretty catchy, especially the “ra-pa-pap” hook in the refrain.

While the song is really good, the music video is kind of weird. I get that it’s trying to show that everyone bleeds red inside despite looking and acting differently on the outside, but the colour kind of creeps me out, especially when the paint runs through the mechanical heart. My geography prof agrees, as she complained that she wasn’t planning on watching a Twilight film before class started.

Still, since Loic is performing on stage and it’s not the music video that’s getting points from televoters and jury, he should probably be able to do something as slick. (Confession: I’m not watching the rehearsals; I know he sounds pretty good live but don’t know what the performance looks like).

If Loic manages to qualify for the final on Tuesday, the next day he will be feelin’ good on a Wednesday 🙂


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