2015 Review: Serbia

When RTS announced that Serbia was withdrawing from the 2014 contest, I felt extremely disappointed. This was the country that had not yet sent a song that I didn’t like, whether the song was turbo-folk, Scandi-pop, or a Balkan ballad. All that really mattered was that the song was good and that the lyrics were written in Serbian (and maybe Željko Joksimović would hopefully be involved in the contest in some way, shape, or form). In this case, it’s a Crisalide-esque song that changes from one song to another.

As a result, when RTS announced that Bojana Stamenov’s national final entry “Ceo Svet je Moj” was going to be performed as “Beauty Never Lies,” I freaked out more than when the EBU announced Australia’s participation. The lyrics aren’t bad, but they turn the song into a cliché pride anthem. It’s kind of hard not to ignore when the refrain goes “Beauty never lies, never hides, never gives a damn. Beauty never lies; no it cries, ‘Here I am!’” I also ended up asking myself, “Is the Charlie Mason who wrote the lyrics to Austria’s winning entry last year the same Charlie Mason who wrote the Serbian entry? Because one seems more thought out than the other.”

“Well I never said you had to like the song…”


Even though the song was written by Vladimir Graić (who composed Serbia’s debut/winning entry), I can’t see this song making the top half of the scoreboard. Maybe it will qualify. But either way, I see points going to Macedonia (FYR) and Montenegro from ex-Yugo ties and Mr. ex-Yugo Eurovision.  Now let’s see if they give points back…

“They all know I’m Mr. Ex-Yugo Eurovision. This year I wrote for Montenegro and my X-Factor mentee’s representing Macedonia.”

I wonder if they’ll vote for me….




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