2015 Review: France

2014 showed that the televoters that beards were in and moustaches were out after Twin Twin received last place and a grand total of 2 points. Since France placed in the bottom 3 for the last three years with upbeat songs, why not go back to the basics with a standard French chanson, with Lisa Angell singing “N’oubliez Pas” (Don’t Forget)?

Lisa Angell originally performed this for the 100th anniversary of the start of WWI, and the song was later selected to represent France shortly after the Charlie Hebdo attack, which fits the original Eurovision: Sing, don’t fight. It really sucks when your country gets attacked, but it’s probably a better idea to honor the dead at a funeral instead of shooting at others and having more dead people to bury than expected.

The song’s been proven to get people’s attention at Eurovision in Concert and she can definitely pull it off live, but I wonder if it’s going to have the same effect on the televoters. And given France’s past results, anything better than bottom 5 is going to be a “good score.”


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