2015 Review: Norway

First things first: Did I watch this country’s national final? No.

Did I listen to a few songs first? Yes.

Did those few songs include the winning song? Yes.

Someone should count how many times how many times I mentioned that I didn’t watch the national selection this year. In this case, major shout-out to Eurovision Ireland for live-blogging Melodi Grand Prix since I was busy watching a different national final (Melodifestivalen) that day. Anyways, the winner of Melodi Grand Prix was “A Monster Like Me” by Mørland and Debrah Scarlett.

Since I also listened to “Human Beings” by Karin Park (who wrote Norway’s 2013 entry) and “En Godt Stekt Pizza” by Staymann and Lazz, part of me wanted one of those two songs to win- mostly because I liked the songs, but partially because I can’t type the letter ø on my keyboard without having to click, highlight, Ctrl-C, and Ctrl-V.

As much as I liked the pizza song, I’m not a fan of having to show this before the performance.


While I do like the song, I have to prepare myself to be able to listen to the first two minutes. It’s kind of like having a tough dialogue with another person and opening up all the protective armor to reveal the soft inside, turning vulnerable to the monster inside. And once everything is exposed, the final minute can attack at full force.

Oh great, mixing Shrek with “A Monster like Me” wasn’t the best idea in the book)


That’s how we can expose our “inner monsters.” But what about Mørland’s? What did he do?


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