2015 Review: Switzerland

Pretty much everyone knows Switzerland hosted and won the first Eurovision Song Contest back in 1956. And if someone forgot, Lys Assia will wheel herself out onto the stage as ESC royalty. But it’s past the time that a country could send a French chanson into the competition and win, and their highest-ranked entries since the semifinals have been sent by an Estonian rock band and a folk/country-pop singing lawyer.

This year they have the French-speaking part down. Or at least they have the “person from a French-speaking area” part down, as they are sending Melanie René and her song “Time to Shine.”

A lot of people keep saying that studio-wise, the verses don’t have a memorable tune. I’ll agree with half the blogosphere, since I personally can’t remember anything in the verses except the baseline and a few mumblings of “I’m getting stronger” and “I’ve learned to let it go.” It all changes and turns Ohrwurm-y when the song changes to the refrain. Maybe it’s because I’ve listened to the song since the national selection in January. Maybe it’s because it’s the only song that says “no more mucking around.”  Or maybe it’s that catchy.

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