2015 Review: San Marino

2014 saw San Marino finally qualify for the final after Valentina Monetta’s third try. Part of me thinks that the commentators may have told the viewers to vote for her so that she wouldn’t come back for a fourth time. This year she is returning, but only as a point announcer. Instead, SMTV decided to select former Junior Eurovision participants Michele Perniola and Anita Simoncini (of the Peppermints) with the song “Chain of Lights.”

It’s a peace song that sounds like it has one foot in the modern world and the other foot stuck in the 80’s, like a combination of the base beat of Putnici (Bosnia 1999) and the theme of Light a Candle (Israel 2002, or the cheesy peace song/bathroom break dullsfest) Not surprisingly, the song was written by Siegel and Meinunger (of German national final spammers fame), both of which are more than twice as old as Michele and Anita’s ages combined.

And then there’s this:

Lighting a candle and building a chain of farts might end up as this, and it might be kind of dangerous…

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