2015 Review: United Kingdom

A lot of songs get wiped out for being meh. They’re not horrible, but they’re not excellent either, so they don’t get any media coverage. And then there are the songs that pretty much send an extra-large jar of marmite. That includes the UK this year.

The BBC went for internal selections of an unknown artist for the second year in a row, this year selecting Electro Velvet (Alex Larke and Bianca Nicholas) and their song “Still in Love with You.” And once the song got revealed, the public exploded, saying that the BBC had no idea how the ESC world worked. Though they (probably) learned that selecting an artist or composer famous for hits in the last generation might not work, the biggest complaint is that the BBC appears really isolated from the ESC world.

While I’m on the negative side for marmite (since IMO it tastes like eating a spoonful of miso paste out of the jar), I’m on the positive side for the UK’s entry this year. The song’s upbeat, it’s really Ohrwurm-y, but most of all the memes of Alex Larke’s face are amazing. (credit: electrovelvet.tumblr.com, no relation to the actual group).

Since it’s now May, it’s time to make sure I don’t
a) get on the wrong train
b) fly on an old plane
c) get sneezes and/or nasty diseases
in order to not miss Eurovision week. (But I have work the day of the final, and that’s going to be great…)



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