2015 Review: Ireland



Instead of studying for my last final exam the night before, I decided to watch the Irish national selection on the Late Late Show. I had only listened to two of the entries (“Break me Up” by Erika Selin and the winning entry “Playing with Numbers” by Molly Sterling) and had never watched what the selection was like in the past except for the short snippet of Linda Martin’s argument with Billy McGuinness.

odious little man

I was surprised that Phil Coulter was one of the talk show guests until remembering that he was a composer of 3 Eurovision entries: UK 1967, UK 1968, and Luxembourg 1975; I remembered him off the top of my head as the musical director of Celtic Thunder. They also invited Linda Martin (who thankfully didn’t get into any crazy arguments like last year) and two guests that I didn’t recognize.

Eventually (read: after one song) I got tired of listening to the guests’ commentary which may or may not have affected voting scores and just skipped to the contestants and then the interval acts of spinning to sing ESC entries to win free vacations and revisiting Irish Eurovision glory years. And then since it was too late to study I decided to go to bed.

(It did not turn out well. I was apparently playing with numbers and I didn’t know what half the terms meant.)

In Molly’s case, playing with numbers meant doing stupid stuff in a relationship (i.e. probably overreacting to things she shouldn’t have and freaking out when all she wanted was to keep the relationship going). As the guys from Overthinking It mention, she’s 16. So maybe the relationship lasted a month, or at least long enough to write a song about.


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