2015 Review: Hungary

I’ve enjoyed all of Hungary’s entries since MTVA started the section process A Dal in 2012. 2013’s entry took a little time to grow on me, and 2014 was an immediate like. This year it’s different. Compared to the other entries, the song “Wars for Nothing” performed by Boggie is a pretty slow grower.

My first thoughts weren’t very positive at the time. After countries seemed to keep churning out “jury-friendly ballads” and few upbeat songs I could belt out in the car, I was really disappointed in Hungary’s selection. The only positive thing was the strong harmonies, and even then I could still only think that had Jon Henrik Fjällgren won Melodifestivalen in Sweden, he would have had no problem with the live backing vocals on stage.

Now that it’s been a while (aka 2 months after A Dal ended), it’s still not one of my favourites, but I don’t have a problem with it. It’s simple and seems genuine, kind of like an extremely stripped-down version of Ein Bisschen Frieden to the point that the only difference in the “unplugged” version and the studio version is where the backing music comes from: a live guitar or a recorded guitar. Maybe if Boggie doesn’t freeze her face in the camera for the full 3 minutes, the song might show up in the final. Otherwise it feels like something my dentist would play before sticking a drill in my tooth.

No, I didn’t use Botox. I swear I have more facial expressions than this one!



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