Back to the blogosphere

So ummm…hi. *waves awkwardly* Sorry for walking off and forgetting that the blog still existed.

I’m back (at least for now). To make things less awkward, here’s pretty much what’s going on in my life:

a) Finals and uni-related activities

But that wasn’t on the study guide! How am I supposed to study for that if I don’t know it’s gonna be on the exam?!

b) Starting a new job that started at 4 in the morning (a.k.a. Let’s wake up at 3 am!)

Dear person who came up with this meme on Tumblr, THANK YOU


c) Not being able to wake up for various reasons

I know it’s 10:30 am, but just give me 10 more minutes…

So let’s get back to work! I only have 19 more entries to review and then it’s the actual contest! (Now let’s see if my boss will let me have the day off that day…)



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