2015 Review: Greece

No matter what ERT/NERIT sends, there will be complainers. They’ll complain that they’re sick of laiko/laiko-pop/folk pop and want a different genre. They’ll complain that too many people sing in Google Translated, super-cliché English. They’ll complain that no one outside of Greece understands Greek. And they’ll complain if the song’s not laiko-centered.

So there was no surprise that members of the blogosphere started complaining about the Greek entry again. Unlike the past few years, Greece decided to send an English ballad with no signs of ethnopop, as NERIT sent Maria-Elena Kyriakou and her song “One Last Breath.”

At first listen, the song sounds very similar to Anna Vissi’s 2006 entry: it’s a female solo singing a post-breakup song that starts out soft but reaches a climax at the final refrain (which will most likely appear on the recap), except there are much breathier vocals.

Though there do seem to be a lot of ballads this year, the song is a break from all the ethnopop entries that seem to use big SAT words to match syllables. Even if it turns into one of those super cliché breakup songs, at least the song’s not puking a rhyming dictionary. And okay, I don’t think “One Last Breath” has the power as “Everything” did in 2006 due to the other entries in the final, but I think Maria-Elena Kyriakou should make the final and probably finish somewhere better than Greece’s result last year from jury votes.

And also, what’s the major problem with Greece’s entries? Sweden doesn’t have to always send schlagers and Greece doesn’t have to send laiko-based entries…


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