2015 Review: Italy

Italy went back to San Remo Festival (a.k.a. the precursor to Eurovision) as a national final, and they selected the group Il Volo (“The Flight”) with the song “Grande Amore.”

I didn’t listen to the song until RAI officially announced that the song was going to represent Italy because the song was a minute too long and no one really knew what Il Volo would perform. Also, RAI pulled a song change in 2012 and I still didn’t trust their initial pick.

When “Grande Amore” was officially announced as the official song, I finally listened to it and decided that it was okay. Yes, the harmonies were great. Yes, the harmonies were powerful. I’m guessing that’s going to show up in the recap and it’s going to sound better live than Emma’s entry last year. And yes, they’re going to get younger voters’ points from their looks and jury points from their voices.

At the same time, I’m still thinking dentist office if they didn’t have their music video up. In that case, I’ll pull out my ace of cakes card and say that the reason I haven’t watched the full music video is because there are too many scenes of people making out and it’s distracting. The guys also look like they’re off One Direction to sing opera.

Sorry, I’m not the biggest fan. Oh well, they’ll do great without some American who can’t vote anyways.


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