2015 Review: Israel

(For anyone who feels like complaining that the country shouldn’t be participating, they ARE a member of the EBU and therefore they CAN participate. Just saying…)

After 4 years of not qualifying, Israel is sending 16-year-old Nadav Guedj to represent the country with the song “Golden Boy.”

The beginning sounds like what happened to Armenia’s 2010 JESC winner: After asking his mom for advice on how to ask a girl he likes out and the two dating for a while, the couple broke up and the boy’s not happy. But unlike >95% the breakup songs on the radio, he’s not sulking around and complaining. Instead he decides to ease the pain by going clubbing (and possibly impressing someone with his dance moves).

IMO the song sounds like Azerbaijan’s 2009 entry “Always” to the point that I can shout the refrain of “Always” on top of “Golden Boy.” But that’s probably the only similarity due to the Middle Eastern pop tune, and since this year seems like it’s full of ballads and slower songs, I think Israel’s entry is going to stand out.

And here’s a tip from Nadav: When your 3 minutes are up, don’t forget to remind everyone that you have to leave the stage….

OK, gotta go, 3 minutes!


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