2015 Review: Azerbaijan

I think my biology and chemistry professors at uni are secretly involved in the Eurovision blogosphere somehow, since so far I’ve taken classes with professors that look like

  1. Vanessa Chinitor (Belgium 1999)
  2. Christer Bjorkman (Sweden 1992)
  3. Trijntje Oosterhuis (Netherlands 2015)
  4. Imaani (UK 1998)
  5. The lead singer from One (Cyprus 2002)
  6. Daria Kinzer (Croatia 2011)

And now that Azerbaijan’s picked their entry “Hour of the Wolf”, I’m slightly creeped out because one of the chemistry lab teaching assistants looks EXACTLY like the artist Elnur Hüseynov. (Okay, maybe the TA’s hair is a little lighter, but it’s still the same face and it’s the same haircut). Appearance-wise aside, the entry is completely different from Elnur’s 2008 entry, where he sang as the “screaming angel” of Elnur and Samir.

After listening to the song a few times, I still couldn’t pick up where the song came from. It’s definitely powerful (in the sense that it gives vibes somewhat resembling Lion King or LOTR), and it’s something that I wouldn’t mind listening to a few more times. While I’m not 100% thrilled that it’s another Swedish import (Couldn’t they at least get some Azeri involvement in the composition some time soon?), it’s still a good, non-marmite entry that probably will qualify. (No guarantees, *cough2014cough*)


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