Ace of Cakes I don’t know how to bake

Last year was probably the most convenient time to realize that I’m ace (asexual), since it was also the year of cake at Eurovision. And the ace world is probably *that* famous for cake:

The problem is that I’m not the Ace of Cakes. That’s Duff Goldman. And since I’m a bit messed up outside the ESC blogosphere, I’m not an ace of anything. My family’s been having a lot of fun telling me off for focusing on everything I’m not supposed to focus on (e.g. the blogosphere), not thinking things straight, and just being a lazy asshole who doesn’t report anything/doesn’t care about anything/doesn’t do anything.

It’s also fun that IMO one of the hardest things to do is ask for help, especially when the resources that do help can be jerks at the same time, or when I think I’m going to be laughed at for asking.

*end rant*

Anyways, let’s change the situation and listen to Latvia’s entry:

Let’s say the main character of the song actually did everything they mentioned in the song. They’re great at all those things, but when they are asked to bake a cake using a recipe, they can’t because don’t know how. On one hand, they could just start posting memes about how telling them to do such things is like grading a fish at life by watching it climb a tree. That’s probably me at the moment: I just want to do what I like without constantly getting told off for being lazy. I want to use my current thought process method in order to reach a conclusion instead of struggle through forcing my head in a straight line. But since I don’t grade myself, I have to use their methods in order to “succeed.”

At the same time, maybe the main character (MC) actually wants to learn how to bake a cake, but the baker is a jerk. The MC will probably fight over whether they should quit and not learn how, or if they should just confess that they don’t know how and start from square one. My family would probably say the latter. Even though the baker is a total asshole and tells the MC off for not being able to ID the salt and sugar or the teaspoon and tablespoon, they are still a resource for the MC to become an ace of cakes. It all would depend on how willing they are to ask for help and how willing they want to become an ace of cakes.

I would love to be able to become an ace of cakes (or something outside of barefooting and the ESC blogosphere). It’s just hard getting torn down every 5 seconds. But then again, that’s literally what happens with weight training: tear a little bit so it’s going to build itself back more, and eventually all the strength comes back. As long as the house doesn’t burn down, it’ll be all right.

Let’s bake some cake. Or try. And actually try.



One comment on “Ace of Cakes I don’t know how to bake

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