2015 Review: Estonia

Now that Daylight Savings Time kicked in, I’m probably going to follow Stig Rästa’s line “I woke up at 6 AM” since the sun will be out then. But unlike Stig, I’m not going to sneak out of the house/room since I’m the only resident and I don’t have anyone to wake up. Also, because of Daylight Savings Time, my internal clock still hasn’t adjusted to the actual clock and I’m still sleepy 9 AM.

Anyways, Stig Rästa and Elina Born won Eesti Laul with the song “Goodbye to Yesterday” with 79% of the vote. It was pretty much a runaway win after the songs appeared, and it created as much buzz with the bookies as it did in the blogosphere.

Compared to some of the other breakup songs in Eesti Laul (I’m looking at you, Elisa Kolk), it’s a more realistic story rather than just someone dropping the bomb and feeling that it’s the end of the world: one person in the relationship gets cold feet and doesn’t know what’s next, so he runs away to the disappointment of the other person after waking up in an empty room. I personally haven’t experienced this, but I can feel the confusion that the two sing about. At the same time, the song’s casual enough to sing for fun. I’m still having a bit of trouble singing Stig’s part because it’s a bit low for my voice, but I really like switching between the two characters.

On a completely separate note, Stig reminds me a bit of a cross between John Cameron Mitchell (of Hedwig) and Waylon (from the Common Linnets last year)


One comment on “2015 Review: Estonia

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