Duet with myself: Norway 2010

Duet with myself: Norway 2010

When I first heard this song a few days after discovering the contest in summer 2010, I imagined that Didrik Solli-Tangen was alone but singing a duet with himself: “Didrik #1” would sing the first verse and refrain, and then “Didrik #2” would sing the second verse and refrain, both in order to calm the other side down. On most days, I would sing along with “Didrik #2,” but every few weeks (or in the worst part, days), I plugged in my headphones and listened to the two Didriks sing in stereo. On those days, I felt really depressed or messed up, and it didn’t help that the school counselor didn’t help. She had over 500 students to deal with, and to make things worse she and my English teacher guessed I had schizophrenia.

Today’s one of those days. Tomorrow’s probably going to be one of those days too. After getting told off for the nth time because I had done poorly in classes and supposedly “didn’t use my brain for 10 years,” “wasted everyone’s resources,” “blew my entire career,” and “was just a lazy, useless eejit with pointless interests,” my family decided to go to counseling. But it’s not emotional counseling. It’s called financial counseling but it’s more like using the free trial meeting to see if they can get their kid who doesn’t really have depression or ADHD and is just super lazy to get out of the shite uni she’s in and into a better uni so her life isn’t wrecked for the next 40 years. It doesn’t matter that the kid feels depressed and can’t focus on anything. It doesn’t matter that half the things they say are emotional triggers for the kid, because schoolwork and emotions should always be kept separate. It only matters that she gets back to “actually using her brain” and “actually studying instead of using mnemonics to memorize content because drawing cartoons and writing stories don’t let her get the concepts down.” Or that she should never listen to any more music because it distracts her mind. Anyways, I just need to get out of this system so I can listen to the song again, and maybe be able to duet with myself.


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