30 Days of Eurovision Challenge- Day 13

Prompt: Your favourite contest venue

If the prompt only mentioned super awesome graphics, then I would have said Russia’s 2009 venue. But I’m going to go for Serbia’s 2008 venue, the Kombank (formerly Beogradska) Arena.

Though…it looked weird while still under construction


I prefer the medium sized stages that are “big” and “small” at the same time. The huge arenas and state-of-the-art graphics, the stages are taking up all the camera time and the singers get lost trying to fill up the space. I also like the rounder stages which provide a more organic feel.

Maria! Hold On, Be Strong…


Besides the size and shape, I also like that RTS went all the way in promoting the slogan “Confluence of Sound,” where the Danube met the Sava in Belgrade. If it’s going to appear on TV, let’s put it everywhere and not make it super obvious like the bridge in Malmö. Instead, they integrated the river into the stage design, and it worked well centering the stage and artists.

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